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MILLER  WORLD  Inc.  .... The  Puzzle  People.


  Who loves to solve puzzles? Considered the most complex of all intellectual functions, problem solving has been defined as a ‘higher-order’ (coined by the famous: Dr. Momus Alexander Morgus) cognitive process that requires the modulation and control of more routine or fundamental skills. Problem solving occurs when an organism or artificial intelligence system needs to move from a given state to a desired goal state. Most of our work was created for us unique rare individuals. Before we begin, we would just like to let you know that our software, will not ‘push’ your graphic, memory, or sound cards. (It was never our intention to dazzle you) It WAS our intention, however, to present you 'thinking people' with new unique puzzles to solve. We did our best to keep everything as simple as possible but, at the same time, as rock solid as possible based on the Windows architecture.You can easily minimize our software while you use your machine for other things.We hope that you will receive some intellectual stimulation from our efforts.That was our main goal.We also hope that our work gives your brains the kind of workout that it needs.

Thank You,

Miller World Inc.

About Us:

We're just an old retired team that LOVE what we are doing.


 This whole thing got started because we were tired of software that 'took over' your computer when you ran it. We wanted to play a puzzle game that just ran in its own window, didn't strangle your CPU, or change settings or files on your machine.


 We also wanted to just Solve Puzzles. Not to learn a bunch of keyboard strokes, learn when to jump or click like on an arcade game, or have some timer that made you have to franticly try to solve something....Fast! Or worse yet, keep doing things Over and Over until you finally stumbled across what the author wanted you to do. (Ridiculous)

We just wanted to Solve a given Puzzle!

So we started to write our own.


 Most of our work couldn't possibly be called Easy or Fun. There are no dancing bears or exploding balloons. You won't be trying to put 3 matching objects together so that they vanish off of the screen. You won't be operating elevators or wandering through mazes. Sorry.

You WILL, however, just be presented with a Logical Puzzle for you to solve.


 This type of voluntary 'head hurt' isn't for everyone. In fact, if you are still reading this and contemplating solving one of our puzzles, your brain is probably already swimming in the MENSA pool.

In this world that we live in, you are a rare gifted individual.

We hope that you enjoy our work and that it grinds some dust off of those gray matter gears:)


God Luv Ya's!  Hope you enjoy at least some of our work.


BTW: This fixed income thing sucks, so Donations help so much.

Please donate a buck or two if you can afford it.

Concider it as buying us a beer for our efforts [;-D}

Thank You.


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